Women, Peace, and Security!

BE MORE!  On Tuesday, March 20 Ms. Rhea Rogers inspired over 100 students of Belmopan Comprehensive School to BE MORE: to follow their passion and share their passion, to make a positive contribution to their community, to do a little extra every day, and to make progress one inch at a time.

“Women, Peace and Security is about bringing women into the decision-making process. They have a lot to add. Our men and women need to stand up for our girls and our women. When you disrespect girls and women, you disrespect yourself. Be responsible to yourself and the voice inside of you. Stand up and say NO to injustice and to the status quo. Be more!”

Ms. Rhea Rogers is the Staff Officer for the Ministry of Defence (Ministry of National Security) of Belize. She liaises on behalf of the ministry on projects and public policy issues, especially for women and youth, locally and internationally. She is the Ministry’s gender focal point and an activist for gender equity and equality. Rhea has been advocating for women’s full participation in Belize’s development since 1995 and promoting equity and equality for women in the national security sector since 2003. She is a member of the National Gender-Based Violence Committee and participates in a variety of government-led initiatives for gender mainstreaming of public policies.

Rhea is currently leading the Ministry’s team to develop Belize’s first Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Policy to address outstanding issues of equal opportunity and gender-based violence. Her passion is to improve the lives of women and girls in #Belize.