U.S. Government Delegation Spends Four Days in Belize for High-Level Discussions

Belmopan – A delegation from the United States, comprised of representatives from the Office of the Vice President, U.S. Department of Defense, USAID, and the U.S. Department of State, spent four days in Belize engaged in high-level discussions with Belizean officials aimed at strengthening bilateral ties, enhancing security cooperation, and addressing the climate crisis and critical humanitarian and migration issues.

The visit highlights the longstanding partnership between the United States and Belize, underscoring shared values and mutual objectives. The delegation met with Prime Minister John Briceño, Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay, leaders from Belize’s military and security forces, representatives from Belize’s immigration department, along with UN agencies and NGO partners.

One of the trip’s key deliverables is an additional US$600,000 in funding announced by USAID for the International Organization for Migration to support the important work in Belize, coordinating closely with key government counterparts in migrant hosting districts. This funding will continue to help migrants to integrate into host communities, access healthcare, enroll their children in schools, and learn English as a second language.

This diverse U.S. government delegation to Belize reflects the multifaceted nature of the U.S.-Belize relationship and underscores the importance of collaboration in addressing pressing global challenges.