U.S. Embassy’s Belize Wonder Woman!

The Women Who Help Make Belize Great!

We are proud to announce that, for the month of June, Dina Halsall is our Belize Wonder Woman!

Dina, along with the Ascenthium Band, is leading awareness through music to a fundamental issue such as Mental Health.  At the age of 25, she is the only professional female bassist in the country of Belize. Dina came up with the idea to organize a mental health awareness tour of Belizean High schools and tertiary institutions.

The music highlights the struggles that some of the members faced and overcame. The band is touring Belize with a clinical mental health counselor, underscoring the importance of opening up the dialogue around mental health awareness.

Dina is one of Belizean representatives at the Wacken Open Air International Battle of the Bands 2019. She is using her talent to essentially act as Belize’s Ambassador for the arts. This smart, driven, and a real trailblazer in the rock and metal community is a total champion of women’s advancement and she personifies this by excelling in her musical career. #Womenempowerment#WonderWoman #MentalHealthAwarenessThroughMusic