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Trade Shows and Events

National Agriculture and Trade Show

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Belize hosts an annual National Agricultural and Trade Show (NATS).  Since 1970, it has been the country’s largest exposition with attendance exceeding 30,000 visitors over three days.  NATS focuses on the importance of agriculture through education, and showcases private sector industry related businesses.  The show’s objective is to demonstrate agriculture’s contribution to Belize’s economy and emphasize the national benefits of food security.  It usually occurs near the end of April in Belmopan and has a sort of county fair feel to it.


Expo Belize Market Place

Since 1996, the Expo Belize Market Place has been organized annually by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  It is a large consumer show held every September in Belize City, the country’s commercial hub.  The EXPO attracts a wide variety of exhibitors across all economic subsectors including agriculture, tourism, automotive, technology, and consumer electronics.