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Security Cooperation Office

The USMLO-Belize administers United States Government military assistance to the Government of Belize by providing for, planning and executing the U.S. Security Assistance program; administering the International Military Education and Training program; and coordinating a Humanitarian Assistance and Humanitarian Civil Actions program to foster the military competence of Belize and further United States Government national policies, programs and interests in the region.


SCO Chief – COL Scott Alvarez

Deputy/Operations Officer – MAJ Josiah Rawlings

Bilateral Affairs Officer – MAJ Anissa Johnson

Operations Coordinator- YNC Kerstin Dickerson

CN (CounterNarcotics) vice CD (CounterDrug) Officer – Colin Swasey

Budget Analyst/ Administrative Assistant- Cruzita Cadle

Logistics/Training Coordinator – Eammon Gillett