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Marrying in Belize

  1. Couples getting married must reside in Belize for at least three days prior to their license application being processed. Applications must be made with the Registrar General’s Office in Belize City. The Vital Statistics Office’s phone number is (011) 501-223-7405, 501-223-5625. Their fax number is (011) 501-223-5635.


Proof of citizenship is required (i.e. valid passport).

If applicable, a certified copy or an original copy of your divorce decree or a death certificate is required in the event that one of the partners getting married is a widow or widower.

The cost of the license is USD$100 or BZD$200 per couple, plus an administrative fee of USD$5 or BZD$10. Licenses can be obtained within two days.

A blood test is not required.

Consent from a parent is not required, if both partners are over 18 years of age.

Two witnesses must be present at the ceremony.

If one party of the marriage is not an American citizen, please refer to Citizenship and Immigration Services .