Key Officers

    • Ambassador of the United States of America
    • Charge d’Affaires
      Mr. Keith R. Gilges
    • Acting Deputy Chief of Mission
      Mrs. Beverly Mather-Marcus
    • Peace Corps Director
      Mrs. Tracey Hebert-Seck
    • Acting Military Liaison Officer
      MAJ Tchoia J. Brown
    • Acting Management Officer
      Mr. Paul Martinek
    • Consular Chief
      Mrs. Yomaris Macdonald
    • Political and Economic Section Chief
      Mrs. Beverly Mather-Marcus
    • Public Affairs Officer
      Mrs. Natella Svistunova
    • Political Officer
      Mrs. Bryn West
    • Acting Regional Security Officer
      Ms. Julie Yapp
    • Assistant Regional Security Officer
      Mr. Brandon Humphrey
    • General Services Officer
      Mr. Paul Martinek