Congratulations on a Successful Referendum

The United States of America congratulates the people of Belize on your successful referendum on the question of whether or not to send Guatemala’s land, insular, and maritime claim to the International Court of Justice.

By referring the matter to the International Court of Justice, the country has chosen to move forward in the peaceful, final resolution of this dispute.  That resolution will be good for the people of Belize, the people of Guatemala, the people of Central America, and ultimately the people of our entire hemisphere.  It will open the way to increased trade, travel, and better cooperation on everything from fighting drug-trafficking to social development to preserving the environment.

In a time when peaceful dispute resolution, and respect for rule of law and international norms are all too elusive, the people of Belize should be proud of what this vote stands for.

As a founding member of the Group of Friends of Belize and Guatemala, the United States looks forward to continuing our support for both countries as they take the next steps in this process and the concurrent efforts of the Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission.