Celebrating Young Belizean Entrepreneurs

Celebrating Young Entrepreneurs!🎉

For the month of November, we are excited to feature Eider Romero as our Young Belizean Entrepreneur!

Business project, to business owner. Young Entrepreneur and U.S. Alumni Eider Romerolaunched ER’S Icy Treats after a successful business project turned into family business in 2012. Eider participated in the U.S. Department of State Youth Ambassadors Program in 2014, where he learnt vital information that propelled his business even further.

His business has kept on growing keeping the ‘Suga City’ community happy and satisfied. He has been an actively engaged young entrepreneur participating in many community events. He has won and claimed the title of best ‘Micro Entrepreneur’ in Jamaica where he proudly represented Belize showcasing his business to the Caribbean. He similarly received the very first business award at his high school graduation presented by a prominent local entrepreneur.

He continues to strive for success receiving local recognition in September of last year earning the coveted Mayors Award for his effortless contribution to Orange Walk Town. With a clear vision of his future and determined mindset, Eider plans to one day export his products and keep growing his business.

“You can think about anything, but only if you believe and work on it, you can make it possible.” -Eider Romero #YouthEmpowerment #Entrepreneurship