Celebrating Young Belizean Entrepreneurs

Celebrating Young Belizean Entrepreneurs!

For the month of August, we are excited to feature Maureen Navarrete as our Young Belizean Entrepreneur!

Maureen comes from a family of talented artists and seamstresses. She learned a lot from her grandmother and grew up to love designing and sewing. Maureen did not only become a very good seamstress but a fashion designer, who creates eye catching trends. Maureen’s unique designs have given her opportunities to participate in various fashion shows throughout Belize over the past years. She is well known for her resort wears, bridal gowns, bouquets and baby attires.

Social Media has become the best marketing tool for her business, where she has the opportunity to promote her brand and sell her creations online locally and internationally. Maureen’s new brand name is AMAUR. The name being inspired by the combination of Amy and Maureen, with her little daughter Amy being her biggest motivation.

Recently, Maureen took her designing to another level by creating unique handbags, clutches, and matching fabric accessories. Her latest tribal statement pieces has captured the attention of many customers. She has been given the opportunity to sell her line in Belize City at a well known boutique, Diva’s Paradise.

Maureen believes entrepreneurship is a journey being ignited by the passion of your gift. “In this journey you are learning, growing and setting your goals. You may face trials but never forget everything happens for a reason. It’s not to break you but to make you stronger. When one door closes another one is wide open for you and with God nothing is impossible, just trust and believe and it will happen for you.” #entrepreneurshilp #economicprosperity#womensempowerment