Alert – U.S. Embassy Belmopan, Belize

Location: Belize

Message for U.S. Citizens: How to vote using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)

U.S. citizens in Belize who intend to vote by absentee ballot in the November 3 general election should mail their ballots by October 2.
However, if you don’t receive your regular absentee ballot in time to send it back by the deadline, you can still vote with the Federal Absentee Write-in Ballot (FWAB).

Using the FWAB is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. If you have not already requested your ballot, visit  https://www.fvap.govto complete and send your ballot request form (the Federal Post Card Application or FPCA).
  2. Visit  and follow the prompts to fill in the Federal Absentee Write-In Ballot.
  3. Follow the instructions to download your completed FWAB and Instructions. You will receive additional guidance on emailing, faxing, or mailing the FWAB.
  4. Print out the completed FWAB and follow the instructions for submittingthe required materials to your Local Election Office.

Return the FWAB by Mail: If your state requires you to return your FWAB by postal mail, please follow these instructions carefully:

Two envelopes are required:

  1. “Ballot Security Envelope”, to hold your completed FWAB ballot, and;
  2. “Mailing Envelope”, to send in your sealed Ballot Security Envelope as well as the supporting materials with your identifying information.

You must include U.S. postage, or print off a pre-paid postage envelope from  to ensure delivery to the proper local election authorities.

Voting material can be mailed directly to the Embassy through the Belize Postal Service, DHL/SpeedIt, BPMS, or dropped off at the consular entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Belize, Floral Park Road, Belmopan, Cayo District.  The hours of acceptance are Monday to Thursday 08:00 am to 14:00 pm.  Please maintain social distancing, wear a mask, and stay home if you are sick.

If you receive your official ballot after submitting your FWAB, you may complete and return your official ballot as well. Only one ballot per person will be counted. If both your FWAB and your official ballot arrive before the deadline, federal law provides that only your official ballot will be counted and your FWAB will be discarded.

If you have any questions about registering to vote overseas, please contact the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan at

Remember, your vote counts!